• 06 Jun
    26 Jun2014

    SALAMAT HUSAIN | 25 Kilos Artist Exhibited : Salamat Husain
    Curated By : Gallery 7
    Time : 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM
    Date : 06 Jun 2014 to 26 Jun 2014
    The works on exhibit are a portal of Salamat Husain's manifestation, his visualization and attentions amalgamated from two diverse perspectives giving the viewer the opportunity to witness the whimsical visuals of Turkey and India. The expressions of the two cities through the eye of the lens capture the light and shades of the two exquisite countries where cultures connect a photographer's inspiration enhancing their majestic beauty.

    25 Kilos, the title to this exhibition, originated literally from the weight Salamat endures for his artistic expression, 25 kilos worth of photographic equipment is a constant on his every expedition.

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