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Role of Online Art Galleries to Popularize Indian Art
The new rising pattern that is being watched nowadays is the ascent in the ubiquity of the online art galleries. As the name recommends, an online art exhibition is a virtual stage to show....... Read More

Understanding the Abstract Art Importance
Abstraction discovers its foundations in 'instinct' (of the artist) and 'opportunity' (for the artist just as for the watcher). The artist can utilize their creative mind to look past....... Read More

The Appealing Effects of Figurative Paintings
Figurative paintings have had quite an eventful history. They were declared virtually dead during an age when abstract and conceptual paintings were hailed as more intellectual exercises....... Read More

Undying Fashion of Original Abstract Paintings
There are so many reasons why original abstract paintings are as popular as they are. At a very basic level, such art has a definite purpose, contrary to popular opinion...... Read More

Purpose And Role Of Modern Art
Irrespective of what form you are referring to or which era you date back to, art has always managed to do what it does best - act as a mirror to the contemporary culture...... Read More

Contemporary Art - An Emerging Art Form
Contemporary art is one of the easiest things to understand. In the most basic terms, it can be defined as any form of art, be it paintings, sculptures, performances, etc., that are produced in this present day..... Read More

Figurative Paintings - The Expressive Art Form
Figurative art or painting describes any form of modern art that takes strong references from the real world, and more particularly human figures. This form of art has existed for more than thousands.... Read More

India's Most Incredible Contemporary Artists
India, throughout the globe, has been known for its traditional artworks. But did you know that there people in the country who are constantly changing and redefining the boundaries of art every other day, especially with the increasing trend of contemporary art..... Read More

Explore Indian tradition through paintings of K G Subramanyanb
Indian culture and tradition are painted by many painters. They have tried to portray it through their paintings and other art forms. K G Subramanyan was one of the best painters among them. He has explored Indian tradition in a beautiful way through their painting..... Read More

Magical Abstract Paintings of V S Gaitonde
V S Gaitonde has painted amazing abstract paintings. Infact his work is famous worldwide. His view towards art was a bit different from others which made him unique in his style. He used to play with colours smoothly that they formed a unique structure which represented a beautiful idea..... Read More

M F Husain is known as 'Picasso of India'
M F Hussain was a great pure gem of the subcontinent with a distinct vision and a great way of expression. When he painted, he painted excellently! Many titled him as the Picasso of India.... Read More

Beauty of landscape painting
Are you thinking about making the environment of your living room a lot more rejuvenating and ambient than what it already is? In that case, you can never go wrong with a landscape painting.... Read More

Enhance the beauty of your house by Laxma Goud’s paintings
If you are a fan of modern art or for that an art aficionado of sorts then you must have come across the works of the much-revered champion of modern art— Laxma Goud. Born in the year 1940 in Andhra Pradesh,.... Read More