• 23 Aug
    23 Oct2019

    Jamini Roy Artist Exhibited : Jamini Roy
    Curated By : Gallery 7
    Time : 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM
    Date : 23 Aug 2019 to 23 Oct 2019
    The last time the city witnessed a comprehensive exhibition of Jamini Roy, where works were available for purchase, was 39 years ago, in October, 1980, at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay.

    The late artist, known to be prolific, created at least twenty thousand paintings and drawings, the exact number is unknown. Our systematic approach to curating this exhibition was lengthy and challenging, however, the end result is well worth the hours invested.

    Provenance and documentation was critical and took precedence in our process of sieving through works for the show. Works that were not sold by the family of the late artist and did not carry their certification were omitted.

    The final body of work has been sourced from the collection of seven prominent Bengali collectors of Kolkata, who acquired their works directly from the family of the late artist. Amiyo Roy (Patol) and Reba Roy (Son and Daughter-in-Law), Debabrata Roy (Grandson), and Sanghamitra Roy (Granddaughter) have issued certificates of authenticity for the respective works, which were originally a part of their personal family collection.

    Most of the works on display are rare and some are iconic, including his paintings from his Post-Impressionistic Landscapes, Oriental Portraiture, Ramayana, Christ, Mother and Child, Dancers, Two Cats with Prawn and others, in mediums such as tempera, cloth, burnt clay, ink on paper, woven board, slate, wood, watercolor with inclusions of a rare pitcher, sculptures and a sara.

    The exhibition is a visual journey of the artist’s work throughout his lifetime via his various styles, mediums and subjects.

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