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Explore Indian tradition through paintings of K G Subramanyan

Indian culture and tradition are painted by many painters. They have tried to portray it through their paintings and other art forms. K G Subramanyan was one of the best painters among them. He has explored Indian tradition in a beautiful way through their painting.

Explore Indian tradition through paintings of K G Subramanyan

When we Indians talk about the pioneers of the modern art form, then one of the very first names that creep in mind is that of K G Subramanyan. He was one of the leading names in the list of post Independence artists who gave art and identity and searched for it with enormous creativity.
A strong believer of Gandhian ideology, K G Subramanyan's art forms highlighted the rich aspects of the folk from Kerela, Indian court paintings, Pattachitra and Kalighat paintings from Orissa and Kerela. He had been the leading name when it was about depicting the Indian tradition, contemporary culture, and its mythology. He was the artist who brought to the canvas different painting forms that included bazaar scenes, Tanjore paintings, cubism, and African masks.

What's Versatile in K G Subramanyan's Painting?

K G Subramanyan is still regarded as the doyen of contemporary art in the world's largest democracy. The reason being, he was able to represent the vibrancy of the different cultures in an exceptional narrative way. The different forms of K G Subramanyan paintings embody sphere of fantasy in the indigenous and modern imagery represent the chorographical brilliance.

The Pioneer's Rhapsody with Colors

The aficionados of art recall the maestro's command over the paintbrushes and paint for the purpose of giving vivacious vividness to the different art forms. The quintessence in the color selection, size, and composition make him the charisma of modern folk art.
According to the experts, the arts and the paintings of K G Subramanyan held a deep meaning in a simplistic way. Deciphering the story becomes easy only after knowing what has been drawn. The figurative paintings had iconographical elements from the classical and traditional Indian sculptures: the expression beams and blooms out of the frame of the painting.
Another key element that defines the exquisiteness of K G Subramanyan paintings is the use of the lines and planes. Be it foliage or mysterious beast; every element had a crucial role to play in the storytelling. The narration of the story had always been simple, elegant, and easy.

The following are some of the reasons that make these paintings an iconic one —

  • Theatrical representation of the figures
  • Considering life to be a story and then narrating accordingly
  • Ability to create inherent harmony through the different forms of artwork like B & W drawings on paper; gouache and color-work on paper
  • Ability to make each stroke of the brush to create a story

Elegance Driving the Aficionados Crazy There is something in K G Subramanyan paintings! The best thing about these artworks is that nothing had been exaggerated. Each of the masterstrokes of the brush portrays the pioneer's farsightedness, imagination and the ability to integrate the different traditions in a streamlined manner. The cohesion of the rhythm with the use of varying color types has been able to speak out the mind of K G Subramanyan. The paintings held the best stories from different traditions.