Gallery 7 offers several value added services to increase client satisfaction and to meet with all requests and demands associated to the Indian Art Market.
Art Advisory and Portfolio Management
Whether you are new to the world of art and don’t know where to begin or are a seasoned collector, our consultations and advice are based on close to four decades of experience. Furthermore, with our expertise in transacting with India’s leading modern and contemporary artists, Gallery 7 directors possess a sound understanding of the Indian art market, enabling us to create and manage a secure and balanced art portfolio. Kindly contact us for further information.
Packing and Shipping
The Gallery 7 logistics department supervises the packing of all art work at the gallery or at the client’s site to ensure safety of the work while in transit. We have outsourced transporting the artworks to a shipping company that specialises in transporting art objects to ensure that all pieces are handled with the utmost care and security. Kindly contact us for further information.
Gallery 7 insures all its art with one of the world’s most trusted insurers. The insurance policies we secure for our clientele follow international standards and are extremely comprehensive, covering the artworks that are held on site, off site or in transit. Kindly contact us for further information.
Framing not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the artwork, but also protects it from damage and degeneration, increasing longevity. Gallery 7 houses a wide selection of framing options and we will guide you in choosing a frame best suited for the artwork as well as the surrounding décor. Kindly contact us for further information.
Customizing an Artwork
If you are looking for something specific and cannot find it among existing works, Gallery 7 will have it commissioned based on your exact specifications, including style, size and medium. Kindly contact us for further information.
Curatorial Support
Appropriate selection, placement and hanging of artworks are unique skills that requires years of expertise. Over the years, Gallery 7 has curated and exhibited several eminent artists including M. F. Husain, S. H. Raza and Ram Kumar. We offer curatorial services to private and corporate collectors who wish to exhibit their collection and require suitable guidance in doing so. Kindly contact us for further information.
Authentication of a piece of art is documented via a Certificate of Authenticity, which states that the artwork is an original piece by the mentioned artist. It is an essential requirement when it comes to the sale of that artwork and is vital to keep on file in one’s archives. Gallery 7 provides authentication and certification services. Kindly contact us for further information.
It is essential to value a piece of art prior to its sale as well as for insurance and tax purposes. With keen insights into the art market, Gallery 7 appraises art based on multifactorial criteria including supply and demand, historical importance of the artist and the year in which it was created, among others. Kindly contact us for further information.
Private Sales
With our vast network of collectors and our longstanding relationships with leading Indian artists built over several years, Gallery 7 can source a wide range of artworks from a modern painting to a contemporary sculpture. With our large database of clientele, we are able to liquidate collections swiftly and efficiently, while maintaining client anonymity. Kindly contact us for further information.
Archiving Private and Corporate Collections
Proper documentation of artworks is imperative to maintain a record for future prospects. Gallery 7 offers their collectors a comprehensive package to document their collection. Kindly contact us for further information.
The purpose of art restoration is to return the piece to its original condition following damage or degeneration with minimal intervention. Gallery 7 has engaged a restorer who has several years of experience with Modern and Contemporary Indian art. Kindly contact us for further information.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Gallery 7 demonstrates their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by curating multiple exhibitions and donating artworks in support of various charities including The Cuddles Foundation, Mentor Me India and Khilo. Kindly contact us for further information.