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M F Husain is known as 'Picasso of India'

M F Hussain was a great pure gem of the subcontinent with a distinct vision and a great way of expression. When he painted, he painted excellently! Many titled him as the Picasso of India, but this word might not highlight the artistic excellence he earned for himself. Many critics call him a non-artistic painter, mostly when he came up with his paintings figuring a few female actors like Madhuri Dixit. In all this approbation and argument, he earned all the things for himself as well as for his work; fellowship, respect, admiration, adoration, and association.

Husain was one talented artist who cater himself by himself only and who loved to keep his distinctive attitude through his life. M F Husain will always remain an indispensable painter in many Indian contemporary artists. The reality is that M F Husain has highly contributed to the modern Indian art with dynamism and heartiness that distinct him from the other artists, which never get to undermine throughout decades.

Before the popularity of Madhuri Dixit, many fans of Husain might not be aware of the stance of Maqbool Fida Husain in the subcontinent as a great artist. It was, unfortunate, ignorance and lack of information that many people came to know M F Husain through a Bollywood star, who with no doubt was a great actress, but the former one was more than just a star.

In the 1940s, M F Hussain and his art were deeply influenced by modern movements and concepts. Later, Hussain could be seen painting his canvas in a post-modern way when, spread over the floors, and with a long brush that looked more like a wand! His brush was not less than a magic wand with which; he could produce almost 60,000 frames! M F Hussain paintings were undoubtedly adorable.

The painting was one of the earliest art forms which M F Husain took an interest in. Some cave paintings are done in the prehistoric era India bears the testimony to this fact. The sketches made by Husain in the cave paintings of Adamgarh and Bhimbetka are visible even today and the colours applied are more fresh and lively. To give variety to the M F Husain paintings, he used various media like oil colours, watercolours, pastel colours, naturally available colours, and many more.

Today the magnitude of paintings has amplified to a massive extent. M F Husain paintings are famous worldwide and appreciated. His paintings are displayed in art exhibitions and are sold in millions of money. It seems like the craze of painting is never going to end. Over the years we have seen a great variety in the form of, but M F Husain paintings are magnificent, and that is why he is the Picasso of India.