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Magical Abstract Paintings of V S Gaitonde

V S Gaitonde has painted amazing abstract paintings. Infact his work is famous worldwide. His view towards art was a bit different from others which made him unique in his style. He used to play with colours smoothly that they formed a unique structure which represented a beautiful idea.

Paintings by V S Gaitonde Magical Abstract Paintings of V S Gaitonde

We know V S Gaitonde for his amazing paintings. He was born in 1924 at Nagpur in Maharashtra. He always described his work as being non-objective. Despite being one of the foremost abstract artists of India, he never thought there was anything abstract about art. People knew them a lot for the spiritual quality that they had and the silence, which was a unique character as well. The silence in his paintings is many things at once - meditative, momentous, and eternal.
In his abstract paintings, he focused on large and plain surfaces that contained layered painting. Such painting also possessed a quality of light that seemed to be inherent to the same.

Art for Gaitonde

For, V S Gaitonde art was a process that is complete in itself. Through art, he explored transient realities and the spaces within him. Art helped him move towards himself, thus perhaps helping him know himself better. He was always someone who never conformed. This is the reason V S Gaitonde avoided anything that would contradict the identity he had created as a painter.

His growth as an artist

If you see the V S Gaitonde paintings, you would know and understand that over the years he had gotten better as an artist. Increasingly, he had become a lot more meticulous when it came to presenting his identity as an artist. Progressive Artists’ Group invited him to join and made him a member after being impressed by his work. The Young Asian Artists Association awarded him the first prize in 1957 at an event held in Tokyo.
He also received the Rockefeller fellowship in 1964. All these are proof of how talented he was as a purveyor of abstract paintings.

The textual structure of his paintings

When it comes to the textual structure of the works of V S Gaitonde, there was a lot of interplay of colour. In fact, we could call these the central conductive device of his paintings. Zen philosophy inspired him in his paintings. They also possess a degree of animation.
The V S Gaitonde paintings do possess a sort of kinetic power that imparts movement to them. It must also be mentioned in this context that his configurations were balanced delicately. As far as he was concerned art started off with an intensity that moved ahead towards making itself better and this movement was a steady one. For him, all moments were speculative from a philosophical point of view. This was why nothing could prevent him from being in his own world of creative impulses. He was always thus able to explore his inner self and the momentary realities.